3 Floral combinations to use with red bridesmaid dresses

 Red bridesmaids dresses! 

Yes it is possible to have FABULOUS floral designs with red dresses.  You just need a bit of color “know how” and you will be on your way!




1.  Monocromatic

An all red rose bridal bouquet against a white gown is clean, classic and really photographs well.  But if your bridesmaids are wearing red then red rose bouquet will just disappear into their gowns.  For a subtle, classic look, consider asking your florist to use several shades of red including depth and texture and see what happens.  This combination below includes the Black Magic roses, red pepperberry and a Charlotte red rose:




2.  Analogous

If you are really interested in showing off the season, consider using  colors right next to red (and a bit adjacent to) on the color wheel.  Combinations like red, red/orange and orange or red, red/orange, golden yellow can really play up Fall or Spring.    Or, use reds and purples together for a regal look!




3.  Complimentary

for the most daring bride, consider those opposite on  the color wheel. This is the brightest combination of colors and are always eye-catching not to mention fabulous in photos!  For red and green….be careful if  you don’t want it to look like Christmas.  Consider deep maroon and bright lime green with pops of pink!  Unless of course you are having a Christmas wedding.


Start Pinning, look at lots of bridal magazines and keep ideas of what you like.  Let your floral designer help you!  We can guide you in the right direction to make the flowers pull the whole wedding look together!


Happy Bridal Floral Shopping!

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